I’m a Restaurant

Our community’s values have always been based on the family lifestyle that our city has created. Most of our school’s activities are under- funded. We have created a program to give thousands of dollars to our local schools for such programs. The program provides the dollars needed for a great fund raising opportunity for the school and an increase in sales as well as recognition benefitting you!

The program has created a citywide website and APP promoting your establishment to the entire community. This enables you to save on your marketing and advertising dollars.

We selected your restaurant as an excellent dining establishment where the community already enjoys dining or have not yet had the pleasure. Our goal is to reach the majority of Southern California Valley residents with the incentive to dine with you.

With your input and assistance we will create a business card promoting your restaurant. Over 45,000 Residents will be able to search the APP and website using the following criteria:

Food Ethnicity
Happy Hour
Kids Meals

The 10% discount service you provide will allow us to reward the fund raising efforts of the students to receive 100% of the dollars they earn with no administration fee etc. being deducted.

Schools can sign up for the program by visiting our website or APP. Our local business professionals in Southern California Valleys will be promoting the website.

Your 10% Discount can make a huge difference to the many extra- curricular activities our schools provide our students. Increase your patronage and enrich the lives of our local children. It is a win-win for all!


*We reserve the right to not accept all restaurants or organizations in our program


  • You will be making a huge benefit to the community and Children’s Groups
  •  We have hired a marketing company to help promote you and your restaurant through social media avenues at no cost to you
  • You will be savings advertising dollars due to the success of this program with the website, APP, mail, and personal distribution of cards, distribution of cards highlighting your business.
  • We will let the consumer know more about the special things that your business has to offer
  •  Our marketing team will let thousands of residents know more about your business and your unique points of difference to drive more business your way.
  • There is no out of pocket costs for you to participate in this program