I'm a School or Children's Group

Fundraising is an important aspect of keeping your athletic and extra- curricular activities available to your students. We are offering a program to help you raise those funds. The “365 Signature Card” has been designed to allow your school to retain 100% of the monies collected by your students.

The cards offer discounts to the various restaurants throughout the Southern California Valleys with a 10% discount being the minimal offering.  The discount is valid for an entire year with the participating restaurants. Our goal is to reach a minimum of $10,000 for the participating schools.

The program is open to Elementary, Middle and High school students. Any child under the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the sales of the cards. Public and private schools are encouraged to take part in the program.
We will make an effort to have a local business professional sponsor a school allowing the school to enjoy 100% of the proceeds with no cash outlay.

If all 500 cards are sold, your school will have a $10,000 benefit to use as needed. The “365 Signature Card” is a tangible value lasting an entire year. Rather than candy bars, wrapping paper and magazines, your school is offering something that will benefit an entire family, school programs and our local eateries. It is a “Win Win” for all!